HOW TO: Assign a Vanity Domain to a White Label Website

Should you wish to assign your own domain (eg. to a White Label website, please follow the steps outlined below to mask the Network Multisite White Label URL with your chosen domain across the front-end website and cruise booking platform.

NOTE: The default option for all White Label network sites is that they are assigned a SUBDOMAIN URL e.g. ``.

Subdomain network sites ( are automatically secured by our SSL wildcard certificate. If you are satisfied with this solution, no further action is required.


Step 1: Advise Domain & Pay Invoices

We will issue an invoice to cover the Odysseus booking platform SSL certificate setup and annual booking platform fee.

ITbyUs (our website development partner) will assist you in setting up the front-end SSL certificate for your White Label website.


  1. Cruise booking platform Odysseus SSL certificate setup charge and annual fees:
  2. US$100 one off setup charge
  3. Then US$100/domain annually
  4. ITbyUs – front end WordPress SSL setup and ongoing costs:
    $25 annually

For example, and best options to do:

  • Frontend Website –
  • Backend Booking Platform Website – 

Step 2 – Adding the Vanity Domain to the Front End Website

  1. Update your DNS records to point the A record for your new com (or a subdomain if you are using the main domain for your own website eg: at our IP address:
  2. Also please point the CName of your subdomain DNS record (eg. at 

Step 4 – Adding the Vanity Domain to the Cruise Booking Platform

  1. Create a separate sub-domain (eg. add/update the DNS CName record to point to 

How to add a CNAME record
1. Host: The host name, or prefix, the CNAME record will be set to. You can include a period (.) but not as the first or last character.

  1. Point to: The URL you are setting as the destination for the host. This will be
  2. TTL: Determine how long the server should cache information. –> Whatever your default is usually works.  If it is blank, you can set it at 3600 seconds (1 hour).