What is a Content Management System (CMS)? It is an application that allows you to maintain full control over your website content, eliminating the need to outsource everyday updating tasks. A CMS enables you to deliver fresh, compelling information to your visitors and customers – with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. Keeping your commercial website up-to-the-minute is critical in today’s fast-paced Internet marketplace, making the CMS a vital tool for your company’s success.

ITbyus uses WordPress which is a powerful Content Management System that makes having an effective, dynamic website easier than ever. Forget costly programmer fees and waiting days for simple updates to appear on your site. With our Content Management System, you can instantly edit text and pictures within the framework of your website’s design, even without specialized technical skills. In fact, if you can use Microsoft Word®, you’ll find Web Manager to be a breeze!

Why Choose Web Manager for Your Business? 

Save Time and Money. Get a fully functional and professional website without the need for expensive programmers, license fees or applications. Our ‘out of the box’ features greatly reduce development time and therefore costs.

Turn Your Website Into a Powerful Sales Tool. Improve your business image, generate more leads and boost sales by offering interesting, up-to-date content to your site visitors.

Skip the Learning Curve. Develop and maintain a feature-rich website without any technical knowledge or HTML skills … and make fast, “on-the-fly” edits in real-time. Our browser-based, WYSIWYG editor is highly intuitive and can be used by virtually anyone.

Customize and Expand Your Site Easily. Add an unlimited number of pages to your site as your business grows! Web Manager also allows you to implement exciting bonus features such as News, Search, E-mail Signups and more.

ITbyus is continually working to enhance and improve our products. We offer a streamlined upgrade path to enable you to take full advantage of valuable new software features or functionality. When new versions of our Content Management System are released, you will be notified immediately so that you can upgrade as required.

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