From the outset, we always advise clients that building a travel agent website is, unfortunately, not necessarily a road to early retirement. However it is great as a complimentary marketing tool for whatever you do.

These days clients expect companies to have an online presence. If you are able to provide clients with an informative, easy to use website, as well as good face to face service, you are more likely to retain their business. In addition, as your website is a valuable source of information, they are more likely to refer others to you.

This paper was done some time ago, however is still very relevant so we encourage you to have a look at it.
Guerilla Tactics

This is a much bigger topic and we recommend looking at it towards the end of the site-building process. That said, we need to warn you in advance that search engine optimising a travel agent site is actually quite difficult.

When people are searching for travel information and services, they are unlikely to use the search term ‘travel’ as this term delivers over one billion results. People tend to rather search on destination or flight city pairs.

The problem is of course, that there are many different search variations.

If on the other hand, you specialise in something like – Vietnam golf holidays – then that’s perfect because you’ve got a niche to target.

These days, it is all about Unique, Quality Content as opposed to trying to game the system.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is covered in more detail by clicking on this link

First Steps

We will now look at the Travel Agent Checklist – which is a step by step guide for setting up your website.

You can set up your website independently, or we are happy to assist.

The first thing you need to do is a one to two paragraph intro on your company – mainly pushing the unique selling proposition.

Then – and this is optional – you might look at:

  • company profile for the ‘About us’ section.
  • Staff profiles and images – for the ‘Our Staff’ section.
  • For Featured Specials – you will need PDFs which can be uploaded to the system, or you might want to create your own product page and link to it.
  • Blogs is a good place to put staff reports of the latest travel agent ‘educationals’.
  • Google Maps –

The next to do, is go through the third-party suppliers, which we have set-up on the basic template, and decide which ones you would like to link to.

To obtain an affiliate link, simply click on the links provided and apply. Once you receive your individualised link, please forward it to us and we will happily add the link to your website. We recommend you send the link through to us as soon as you receive it.

It is also a good idea to print this checklist screen and keep a note of which links you have applied for and which have responded. It is then easy to chase up if required.

We will now go through the different links and make some recommendations.

TravelPortSabre and Amadeus all have Booking Engines.
(A good time to negotiate is when your contract is due for renewal).

There are other 3rd party solutions available too.

  1. INNstant: examples: Nishant Kothary • NATIONAL SALES MANAGER
    Mobile: 0424 692 424 • Skype: nishant_kothary • Email:
  2. Password: demo99

1. Travel Agents. (no widget for website) will pay the Partner for each materialised Transaction the Commission calculated over the Transaction Fee, by using a percentage of the total transaction value for the number of Materialised Transactions, in accordance with the following table (the “Percentage Total Transaction Value”):

Materialised Transactions per month Percentage Total Transaction Value
0-50 5%
more than 50 6%
more than 150 7%

2. affiliate program with widget for website:

Commission split will pay the Affiliate for each Materialised Transaction the Commission, by using a percentage commission split for the number of Materialised Transactions, in accordance with the following table (the “Percentage Commission Split”):

Materialised Transactions per month Percentage Commission Split
0-50 25%
more than 50 30%
more than 150 35%
more than 500 40%

While most agents feel that Day Tours are a bit of a waste of time, we recommend having a look at Viator.

Viator actually display different tours around the world. Just select a country or a most popular destination. The client can make and pay for a reservation immediately. They receive the voucher automatically and you receive commission.

Click here for example

Viator to register and get affiliate ID number to append. An email will be sent back to you.

8% commission. This how affiliate programs should work!!!!

Tours and Adventure (below) are a bit more tricky because most of these suppliers do not have affiliate programs.

There are a couple of options here.

  1. You can choose to actually leave them off your site altogether. However please bear in mind that if clients can’t find the information on your website, they’ll simply go elsewhere.
  2. Go Touring

Flight finder, cruise finder, hotel finder.
Now there’s, the retail travel industry’s first Tour Finder – Go Touring!

Go Touring gives your customers access to over 13,500 live tour itineraries with 1.5 million departures in 155 countries from 53 suppliers

Go Touring is an innovative web plugin that gives your existing clients and new visitors to your website the ability to find the perfect organised tour and send their enquiry directly to you rather than to an anonymous booking engine. Tour Finder combines cutting edge travel technology with travel consultant personalised service.

Go Touring will not send your customer to the tour operators’ site as there are no external links on tour itineraries and all referrals are easily and quickly emailed to your consultants. The Standard version of the Go Touring also gives you the flexibility to select your preferred suppliers.

Go Touring has been built on the same technology as the 2019 NTIA finalist product Tour Atlas which is currently being used by a community of over 500 travel consultants Australia wide.

Go Touring is simple to install on your website and normally takes a few minutes. Our support team provide you with the steps to add the plugin no matter what web platform you have. We are also here to help should you have any problems.

Pricing for go touring is as follows (individual travel agency pricing , per site)
All pricing is for paid monthly by credit card:
US market (per site)
US$115 per month
Please note that on all accounts the first payment is made 1 month after signup.  This gives me time to do the initial styling .
We have a signup form that almost automates everything for me , this is here

Want to know more? Click here or

Call our CTO Greg on 0414 244 834, he’s always happy to have a chat and answer your questions.

Regarding the suppliers that have US pricing in the API , they are as follows
  • AAT King
  • Contiki
  • CostSaver
  • Insight Vacations
  • Inspiring Journeys
  • Luxury Gold
  • Trafalgar
  • Intrepid
  • Intrepid
  • G Adventures

The rest of the suppliers we do currency conversions , we use for our exchange rates.

Tour Radar (multi-day Tours)

Showcase of all solutions: (

Why you should consider partnering with TourRadar?
TourRadar is the leading marketplace for multi-day tours worldwide, offering over 50,000+ adventures from 2,500 suppliers, including well-known brands like Globus Family of Brands, Intrepid, G Adventures, as well as local niche providers and DMCs.

We have recently expanded our efforts into B2B Distribution and are offering a handful of solutions. These solutions enable Travel Advisors, OTAs, GDSs, Airlines, Influencers, and Content Providers to access our entire inventory of organized adventures and multi-day tours from around the world, all via one solution and one portal. Some partners we currently work with are Flight Center, and a handful of Affiliate Partners.
Affiliate Program: Integrate TourRadar’s inventory via unique affiliate links or through our search&content API, while TourRadar manages all communication and remains the merchant of record.
White Label Solution: Integrate and display TourRadar’s White Label Solution on your website with your look and feel while all other transactions are simply handled via the TourRadar website.
API Wholesale Solution: Integrate 50,000+ unique organised adventures directly in your website with your look and feel using one API, where you manage all communication with the end-traveller and you are the merchant of record.
If you want to know more about any of the above solutions feel free to contact

Marc Buchegger

Head of Business Development EMEA

Tel +43 664 1269 002

OMIO – Book Train, Bus and Flight Tickets

OMIO Affiliate Program

Omio is Europe’s leading travel booking platform, offering a simple but effective tool that allows users to search and book trains, buses, and flights throughout Europe, the United States and Canada via web or app.

It is easy to get started making money by referring people to Omio. We make travel effortless with more than 800 transport partners.

We offer a wide range of ad solutions, varying from more conventional text links and banners to customisable search widgets and APIs. Get in touch if you’re interested in hearing more about our widget and API solutions.

Next Steps:

1) Go to our website

2) Check out our network guide: – Please find our user guide to the network here. This explains how you can create your own tracking links, run reports as well as update your payment settings.

3) Start Earning Commissions– As a member of our affiliate program, you have access to a variety of Omio banners and text links. Please refer to the Ads section on the network for the available banners and links.

2) To help kick start your commission earnings we have a special sign up off exclusive for you!

  • -If you write a dedicated post or give us placement on your homepage for the duration of one week, we will increase your commission in the first month by three percentage points. NOTE: Please notify us when the promotion is live so we can change your commission accordingly.

4) Build a strong relationship: – We are a fully dedicated in-house affiliate management team and are here to help if you have any questions or concerns.

There are a number of insurance companies. Please speak to your rep and advise us of your preferred link.r

You can link to any newsletter you prefer. However should you wish to create your own newsletter using, let me know

Another great option worth considering:

Matt Spicer
Mobile: +27 (0)83 720 1311
Skype: mattoosa